The Greenprint Guide is an inventory of publically-identified natural, agricultural, and historic resources worthy of protection.  In Morgan County and the City of Madison, the Greenprint identifies important resources like springs, historic farmhouses, productive agricultural lands, scenic roads, important gateways, greenspace buffers, etc.  Because citizens drove the Greenprinting process, the inventory represents public opinion about what is important to save for future generations.

A Greenprint helps a community make informed decisions about how to grow while preserving character, identifies opportunities for recreation, clean water, environmental health, and quality of life.  The 2017 Greenprint Guide is an update to Morgan County’s 2004 Greenprint, while the City of Madison’s Greenprint was developed in 2009. Both guides began with community engagement and have resulted in protection of many of the identified “preservation opportunities.”

The Madison-Morgan Conservancy was instrumental in the creation of both greenprints and recently completed the 2017 Morgan County’s Greenprint.