FARMeander your way through our region’s beautiful and bountiful farm-filled landscape!

Use our most recent  FARMeander map to plan your self-guided trip, and explore the farms, markets, festivals, and inns that celebrate our agrarian roots year-round (be sure to call ahead to check if the farm can accommodate your visit).

“Keep farmers farming” we say.  It’s the only way Morgan County can continue to have a balanced tax digest, continue to have a strong agricultural industry, sustain the agrarian quality of life, and protect its natural, agricultural, and historic resources.  Farmland preservation is the key to a landscape scale conservation effort.

The Conservancy is helping by publishing FARMeander – a map-based tour guide designed to get you to local food and producers.

Meats, veggies, eggs, dairy, fruit and nuts await you!  Enjoy the products from local farmers, some organic, some certified naturally grown, some conventional, but ALL LOCAL.

Local food is fresher and therefore more nutritious.  And just as importantly when you buy local, you are supporting local economies.  $1 spent on agricultural products turns over 7 times before leaving the local economy.  Good for you, good for your community.

Click to download FARMeander