National Register Nominations

The Madison-Morgan Conservancy assists landowners in listing their properties on the National Register of Historic Places.  That listing does not tie the hand of the landowner in any way – it’s simply a listing of historic places in the nation.  However, it does provide some protection from federally funded projects and provides landowners with other benefits:

  • Protection – Listing provides a bit of protection from any federally-backed project (such as road construction), meaning that consideration has to be given to historic properties during the planning process to minimize any impacts that would negatively affect the property’s historic character, and thus its cultural and financial value.
  • Increased Value – Listing often results in a higher property value…historic properties are desirable.
  • Tax Credits – Listing can result in federal and state income tax benefits and property tax freezes ( learn more here).
  • Grants – Listing results in qualification for federal grants for historic preservation, when funds are available.

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