Become a Watershed Donor

The Conservancy’s “state of affairs” changed in 2009 when the Waterfall Foundation deemed us worthy of a $50,000 donation providing financial stability for the organization for the first time.  We hired full-time staff, which allowed us to expand our programming and increase our fundraising efforts.

We decided to attempt to match the Waterfall Foundation’s contribution by raising $50,000 annually through private donations of $1,000 or more.  Those donors are known as Watershed Donors, and they, along with our other members and contributors, support us in working toward our vision.

Help us match the Waterfall Foundation’s contribution by contributing $1,000 or more in membership dues this year.

NEW – Monthly Giving!  It’s all about cash flow.  If you would prefer to give monthly, it’s easy to do online.  Just click the “Monthly Giving” button below, and fill in the monthly amount you’d like to contribute.

Daniel Morgan Society $5,000+ | Monthly = $417
Sustainer $2,500+ | Monthly = $209
Benefactor $1,000+ | Monthly = $84