Centennial Farm Nominations

The Madison-Moran Conservancy can assist area landowners with enrollment in the Georgia Centennial Farm Program.

Do you currently own a working farm that has been in your family for over 100 years? Then you may be able to earn special recognition for your farm.

The Georgia Centennial Farm Program honors Georgia’s farmers for their contributions to our state’s agricultural heritage and encourages preservation of agricultural resources for future generations. This award is 100% voluntary, and celebrates your family’s agrarian roots.

Recognition is given to farmers through one of three distinguished awards: the Centennial Heritage Farm Award, the Centennial Farm Award, and the Centennial Family Farm Award. Each of these awards honors exceptional achievement.  See two recent Centennial Farms listed:

Willams Family Farm, 2013

Broach Family Farm, 2016

Bryans Family Farm, 2017

If interested in applying for this recognition, contact us today!