Madison is one of just a few Georgia cities to initiate a Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Program.  The TDR tool combines strategic planning and financial incentives to accommodate growth while protecting community assets, and provides property owners an additional way to realize economic value from their property.

Madison’s TDR Program was designed to:

  • protect and connect vital pockets of natural habitat, riparian areas, greenspace, and historic landmarks within an existing built environment, and
  • support the development of sustainable communities

The first TDR project in Madison resulted in 25 acres of permanently protected greenspace and Madison’s first LEED certified building.

Because the Conservancy is interested in protecting natural, agricultural, and historic resources and guiding growth toward areas that are appropriate for density, the organization assisted in drafting the TDR ordinance in 2013-2014 and actively works to educate property owners about the program.

If you are interested in learning how TDR could benefit you,  click here to see the TDR Brochure, or contact our office, 706-818-8046.

 Madison TDR Ordinance