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The goal of the Endangered Properties Revolving Fund is to secure endangered properties, protect them, and then market them to a conservation buyer who will agree to rehab the building to certain standards.   This model is used by the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, Historic Macon, Historic Savannah, and other non-profits utilizing revolving funds.

A revolving fund is a financing tool used traditionally in historic preservation projects.  In Morgan County’s case, the Endangered Properties Revolving Fund is uniquely designed to protect historic structures AND openspace. Now capitalized after the sale of the first project (the Foster-Thomason-Miller House pictured above), the fund will be used to 1) acquire significant and endangered properties that include both historic structures and undeveloped land through donation, purchase, or option agreements, 2) protect the properties with conservation easements or other preservation agreements, 3) market/sell those properties to conservation buyers, and then 4) reinvest the proceeds back into the revolving fund for the next project.

Because the capital in this fund revolves from project to project, this Endangered Properties Revolving Fund will not only protect farms, forests, and front porches for this generation, it will be a tool that future generations can use to sustain their Morgan County.

If you would like to know more about the Endangered Properties Revolving Fund or support our efforts in developing this fund, please contact us.

Current Revolving Fund Projects

The Seedhouse – 137 S. First St, Madison (aka Helen’s Beauty Shop)
On October 30th, the Revolving Fund purchased 137 S. First Street, a blighted c. 1899 historic cotton seed house in the heart of downtown Madison.  Known most recently as Helen’s Beauty Shop, the building has been vacant for 10 years.  The Revolving Fund plans to rehabilitate the building into a functioning commercial space, replacing blight with an energy efficient (hopefully Earthcraft certified) office/retail space.  The Revolving Fund will own and lease the property for five years and then sell it to recoup its investment, replenishing the fund.

Given that the private development market was not responding to this blighted, non-performing asset, we thought it was time for the Revolving Fund to step in.  We are excited rehabilitating the building and about pursuing Earthcraft certification for energy efficiency by implementing solar, pervious pavers, rain barrels, and the like.  We also plan for the building to serve as a case study for other property owners interested in green building techniques.

165 acre Farm
Second, in addition to saving a historic property in downtown Madison, the Revolving Fund is also currently working in northern Morgan County to permanently protect 165 acres of farmland, timberland, and hardwood forest along Bramble Creek.  The farm has prime agricultural soils, significant agricultural infrastructure, healthy stands of working forest, beautiful bottomlands, and abundant wildlife.  It’s a serene and beautiful place and an important piece of Morgan County’s critical mass of farmland.

Horse Branch Creek Trail TDR project
Third, the Revolving Fund will help secure a critical link for a future trail that will eventually connect the Morgan County School campus to Horse Branch Creek Trail.  We will assist the landowner in this  TDR project by protecting eighteen acres of greenspace along Horse Branch Creek with a conservation easement.  The permanently protected land will then be donated to the City for the trail system.

To read more about these projects, click here for the  press release.

Past Revolving Fund Projects


Joan Alby
Tyler Alexander
Alliance Corrugated & Displays
Antique Sweets
Jennifer Artman
Kathryn & Darren Ash
Valle & Stan Ashley
Kathy Bakane
Candace Carlson & Kevin Baker
Mary & Chad Balicki
Sarah & Sam Ball
Bank of Madison
Janet & Bob Beauchamp
Rosemary L. & Don W. Becker
Clint Bell
Mr. & Mrs. Ira Block
Jane C. Bostwick
Ruth & Mike Bracewell
Lisa & Chris Brandon
Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Broach
Bryans Family Foundation
Connie Bryans
Mr. & Mrs. David Buck
Nancy Bush
Rosemary Buttermore
Kathryn & Joe Cardwell
Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Cathey, Jr.
Camryn & Jim Chambers, Jr.
Natalie & George Chase, Timber Chase Farm, LLC
Hilda & James Chilton
Tony Clark
Mary Kay & Flynn Clyburn
Conrads Family Foundation
Martha & Blair Curtis
Maryann & Devon Dartnell
Miryn & Kyle Davidson
Julie Davie
Mr. & Mrs. Lane Dennard
Theresa & Ward Dickinson
Flossie & David Dodge
Alice Kohn & Arthur H. Domby
Pat Walker & Jeanne Dufort
Beth DuVall
Lee Ann & Brian Emerson
Glenn T. Eskew
Emily & Tom Followill
Nicole & Brandon Forde
Virginia & Clarence Foreman
Christy & Von Friesen
Charles Fussell
GA Civil
Karen & Michael Garrett

Mr. & Mrs. John Garrett
Judy & Bruce Gilbert
Victoria Gray
Mrs. Lane Greene
Sandra Greene
Mary Mack & Jack Hall
Tami Halloran
Louise & Ed Hannah
Solveig & Donald Harden
LCDR Albert Harper & Family
June Harrell
Martha Harrell
Patsy Harris
Bruce Hayes
Chris & Foss Hodges
Kebby & Reg Holden
Rena & George Holt
Robert Lewis & Wes Holt
Anne & Neil Horstman
Ben Hudson
Christie Hudson & Isabel Rocha
Steve & Linda Huggins
Lyn & Whitey Hunt
Vickie Hunt
Deborah & Jon Hunter
Mary & John Huntz
Anne Symmes & Stephen Ives
James Madison Inn
Mary Ann & Richard Jacob
Julie Jenkins
Kim Jensen
Mr. & Mrs. Hank Johns
Traci & Stewart Johns
Drs. Babs & Hiram Johnston
Carol & Jim Jones
Judi Perazzo and Eric Joyce
Just Right Signs
Pam & Keith Kelly
Larkin & Brad Kelly
Samantha Kickbush
Bill Killmer
Rachel & Jason Kinsaul
Monica & Ken Kocher
Brian J. Lahaie
Christine Lambert
Zeke Lambert
Shandon & David Land
Emily & Don Lane
Lewis & Redwine Real Estate Group
Harris Little
Longview Wealth Management
Penny & Bob Lyle
Madison Markets
Madison Realty Inc.
Madison Rentals
Main Street Vet
Robin Marhaver
Mary & Bob McCauley
Kelly & Chad McLeod
Stacy & Michael McQuaide

Sydney & Gray McWhirter
Jill & Kevin Meeler
Nancy & Jack Miles
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Miller
Betsy & Sandy Morehouse
Suzanne & Leigh Morgan
Morgan County Landmarks Society, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Morris
Ashley & Jeremy Moon
Victoria Newton Mooney
Becca & Godfrey Newton
Betsy Wagenhauser & Alex Newton
Carly Ortlund
Brenda & Tommy Parrish
Victor Peeples
Brooks “Sonny” Pennington, III
Charlotte & Keith Pharr
Pure Bliss Spa
Betsy Quillin
Dan Rather
Danielle & Dana Rector
Jeffrey Hagy & Michael Redwine
Holly Reed
Deneice & Brad Rice
Dr. Rose Ann Rigby-Weaver, MD
Jane & Everett Royal
Barbara & Francis Rushing
Jan Sampson
Ellen Sanders
Lee & Sandy Sanford
Catherine Sasnett
Beth & Karl Scott
Peter Scott
Elizabeth Rockhill & Sim Sergiadis
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Sherwood
Cate Short
Holly Shreiner
Dave Skillen
Cathryn & Joey Smith
Southern Legacy Rentals, LLC
Gail Spiotta
Amelia Steele
Pat & Jimmy Stokes
SunTrust Trusteed Foundations: Harriet McDaniel Marshall Trust
Johanna & Bryan Tate
Erin Tewksbury
Mrs. Lynn Walker Treadwell
Anne & Robert Trulock
Robert M. & Lilias Baldwin Turnell Foundation
Ms. Lee Harper & Mr. Wayne Vason
Katie Vason & Finn Vason
Ann-Marie & Frank Walsh
Ellen Warren
Christine & Dave Watts
Katie & Scott Weber
George H. West
Ted Westlake
Kathy & Clarence Whiteside
Denise & William Wingate
Lisa Wood

Special thanks to our mentors at The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation