Engaging Morgan County’s youth in protecting special places for future generations…

The mission of the Junior Conservancy is to develop and sustain a heritage conservation ethic in Morgan County’s youth through education, civic engagement, volunteerism, and social events.

The Junior Conservancy offers high school students an opportunity to become actively involved in protecting and learning about Morgan County’s special natural, agricultural, and historic resources.  Participants meet monthly and serve on a mock board of directors, take on leadership roles, and create and execute Junior Conservancy activities and events throughout the school year.

For the 2017-18 academic year, the following fourteen Morgan County High School students are participating in the inaugural year of the Junior Conservancy: Carson Adams, Anna Beth Barber, Daisy-Jane Buck, Claire Coleman, Meredith Eidson, Lucia Hodges, Wynn Howard, Catherine Ligon, Sarah Grey Ligon, Brooke Miller, Morgan Sarkin, Caroline Schlabach, Finn Williams, and Will Woodard.

In October 2017, students participated in their first Junior Conservancy Event: a Greenprint Ramble through Morgan County. This Ramble took participants on a tour of sites in the Bostwick area to learn about the unique history, culture, and agriculture of Morgan County. Future events for the Junior Conservancy include a stream clean-up, legislative breakfast, and kayaking at Hard Labor Creek State Park.

Junior Conservancy Brochure