Greenprint Public Survey

August 8, 2017 all-day
Madison-Morgan Conservancy

Last Chance to Influence Morgan County’s Greenprint!

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The Conservancy has wrapped up the 2017 Greenprint Public Meetings, but there is still time to make your voice heard.  Please take the survey or email us to let us know what you think is important to protect for future generations by Aug 8, when the public input portion of the project ends.

Conservancy staff and volunteers met with over 100 people in Bostwick, Buckhead, Madison, and Rutledge this summer.  We heard about many important natural, agricultural, and historic resources that were previously unknown to us and which will be included on Morgan County’s revised Greenprint.

What is the Morgan County Greenprint?
The Greenprint is 1) a map identifying important natural, agricultural, and historic resources in Morgan County, which were identified by the public as important to protect; and 2) a document including land use tools appropriate for the protection of the named resources.  In sum, the Greenprint is the document that will guide Morgan County’s preservation and sustainable growth for the next decade.  The data collected this summer will be mapped and presented to Morgan County for adoption late this summer. We hope you will take this chance to influence the future plan for YOUR Morgan County.

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